Employment Opportunities

Course Expectations

Here’s what to expect working at our company…

  • This framework shows the prospective employee which courses to take to ensure success in general education courses and Foothill Student Television, while achieving all State of Nevada High School Requirements.
  • Take a look at our electronic brochure, which outlines our entire program.

Okay, you’re hired…

Here are a few employee documents that you need to read and approve prior to your first day.

  • Just like any business, our employees are required to follow the guidelines in our Employee Handbook. This is a courtesy copy. There is one printed copy and it’s available at the General Manager’s Office. Any modifications made after the first day of school will be distributed on paper to every employee.
  • Here’s our contract, which every employee must sign before being permitted to do any work for our company. This should be returned as soon as possible!
    Here’s what you can expect as far as assignments in this company.

The Job.

When you enter as an Employee II, III or Advanced Study, you get to apply for a specific job. Find which one suits you!

  • At Foothill Student Television all incoming employees will begin as entry-level employees.
  • As employees progress through our company, they will be offered additional responsibilities within the team. After exemplary performance, employees may advance about the company.
  • Without our employees, our corporate leaders cannot carry out the corporate vision, mission and goals. We need leaders who are prepared to take the helm of a highly successful company. Those leaders must build the team and maintain a positive atmosphere in the station.