Employee Handbook

This is the place for all information about working at our organization.

What We Do

Brief History

At Black Mountain Communications Company (FCC), we operate television stations in Henderson, Nevada. Our company started with Foothill Student Television (FST) at Foothill High School in 1999. In 2012, the company began to operate Foothill Technology Solutions (FTS), a computer repair company, and Foothill Interactive (FI), a web design company. As result of the addition of companies, the corporation of Foothill Communications Company was born.

In 2015, the company closed FTS and FI leaving FST as the sole subsidiary. In 2019, FCC expanded once again after acquiring Titan Television and The Shield Yearbook at East Career & Technical Academy and Green Valley Television at Green Valley High School. In 2021, after a year of remote teaching and learning, Black Mountain Communications Company sold East Valley Television and East Valley Printing & Publishing.

Today, we own two stations; Foothill Student Television and Green Valley Television.

In 2021, in an effort to showcase the region our two stations will cover, the corporate name was changed from Foothill Communications Company to Black Mountain Communications Company.

Black Mountain Communications Company strives to teach excellence in broadcasting and journalism. The company’s leadership team includes journalistic and marketing professionals who have worked in several television stations.

You are a member of our company and you are part of a program that was created nearly 20 years ago! Remember, you are a professional. You will be treated as a professional.

On behalf of all of us at Black Mountain Communications Company, welcome to the team!

Who Do We Do This For?

We certainly don’t cover the news, or create award-winning videos and journalism for ourselves?

Secondary audiences of our programs may include the local community, other educational institutions’ broadcast programs, programs that promote the development of scholastic broadcast journalism and national student produced programs.

Black Mountain Communications Company, and its subsidiaries, welcomes constructive criticism of our programming in an effort to produce quality shows. Each television station is operated by the employees that comprise the department. The authority of content regarding every program, announcement, story, etc., is the responsibility of the employees of each station. Final authority on coverage falls under the responsibility of the General Manager of the program. It is the General Manager’s duty as the responsible party to verify that every program practices and follows ethical guidelines, behavior guidelines and non-discrimination polices set forth by each school, the Clark County School District and the State of Nevada Department of Education.

Company Contact Information

Black Mountain Communications Company (BMCC)

460 N. Arroyo Grande Blvd., Suite 209

Henderson, NV 89014

T: 702.799.0945 ext. 4090 F: 702.799.0717

Corporate Leadership

Matthew Mayhood
Brytnee Avery
Ophelia Hemsworth

Foothill Student Television (FST)

800 College Dr., Suite 722

Henderson, NV 89002

Main Switchboard: 702.799.3500

Main Fax: 702.799.3524

Telephone Extensions (WAN Direct Extensions)

General Manager & Adviser: 4096 (0572-4096)

News Director: 4008 (0572-4008)

Director of Engineering, Production & Information Technology: 4024 (0572-4024)

Director of Creative Services: 4224 (0572-4224)

Control Room: 4196 (0572-4196)

Assignment Desk: 4125 (0572-4125)

Conference Room: 4143 (0572-4143)

The Green Valley Television Logo

Green Valley Television (GVTV)

460 N. Arroyo Grande Blvd.

Henderson, NV 89014

Main Switchboard: 702.799.0950

Main Fax: 702.799.0717

Telephone Extensions (WAN Direct Extensions)

General Manager & Adviser, News & Production (0945-4090)
General Manager & Adviser, Creative Services, Sales & Traffic: 4096 (0945-4096)

News Director: 4008 (0945-4008)

Director of Engineering, Production & Information Technology: 4024 (0945-4024)

Director of Creative Services: 4224 (0945-4224)

Control Room: 4196 (0945-4196)

Assignment Desk: 4125 (0945-4125)

Conference Room: 4143 (0945-4143)

Corporate Identity

The full name of our corporation is: Black Mountain Communications Company

Each television station has a different identity. Please use the appropriate name when referring to your station and to other stations in the group.

Foothill Student Television

The full name for our station is: FOOTHILL STUDENT TELEVISION

The name for our news division is: FST NEWS

Green Valley Television

The full name for our station is: GREEN VALLEY TELEVISION

The name for our news division is: GVTV NEWS

Corporate Structure / Hierarchy

Correction Policy

It is the goal of Black Mountain Communications Company to properly inform our viewing audience. However, if a major mistake is discovered by any member of our staff, or the public, a correction will be presented upon request of the parties involved. It is important to remember that we are a “teaching” television station and mistakes will be used as an educational device. 

Course Fee Schedule

Course fees depend on the station at which you work. Your General Manager & Adviser will have additional information about any applicable course fees. (Because this is a program at a school, there may be fees to be part of the program. In the “real world” companies can’t require you to pay a fee to work at a company. However, there may be several things you have to pay for to be an employee.)

Submitting Assignments and Verification of Completed Work

When submitted assignments or completed work, you must follow the submission guidelines set forth by your department and specific company. Failure to follow the established process will affect your “pay.” Your General Manager and Adviser and department manager will not search for your work.

All employees are required to complete reporting forms. Only the employee, or the responsible manager, should complete a time card reflecting actual starting and stopping times. Falsification of reporting forms is grounds for disciplinary action under the Academic Dishonesty Policy.

Care of Equipment

Black Mountain Communications Company has expensive equipment. Our equipment is paid-for by the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act, State of Nevada grants, Clark County School District grants, school-based student-generated funds, by generous donations and is supplemented by the required class fee. With this in mind, the following policies are strictly enforced: 

  1. Food and drinks are to be kept either on the floor or on desks provided. It is the policy of every station that food not be consumed in areas not designed for food consumption, however, small food items are permitted in working areas as long as any debris is properly disposed of. 
  2. All equipment must be checked out by the General Manager or a designee. 
  3. Ensure that you have requested all necessary equipment PRIOR to leaving the newsroom. 
  4. Our climate produces extreme temperatures. DO NOT LEAVE EQUIPMENT IN VEHICLES. 
  5. If a piece of equipment is damaged, it is the responsibility and courtesy of the operator to submit an engineering repair/request form so that the device can be evaluated and repaired or replaced. 
  6. Return equipment immediately upon your return to school or, when appropriate, immediately after the event has occurred. Your equipment may be scheduled for another story and without it returned on-time it could affect our on-air coverage. 
  7. You must return equipment using the proper procedure. If it is left in the newsroom or studio without being checked in by the GM or a designee, it will remain checked out to you and you’re responsibility for the equipment will remain in effect. 
  8. Once equipment is checked out, it becomes your responsibility. It is never wise to permit an unauthorized user to operate broadcast equipment. Should the equipment be damaged, by any user, while checked out to you…you will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. 
  9. Never leave equipment unattended.

Equal Employment Opportunity & Equal Access to Programs

Black Mountain Communications Company believes all persons should be given the opportunity to do their best and excel in their education. Black Mountain Communications Company also believes that it is through the diversity of employees and their ideas that the company will continue to be successful. An environment where each employee can contribute to their fullest potential and be free from limiting stereotypes and expectations is important. Each employee is responsible for supporting the concept of equal opportunity and assisting the company with meeting its objectives. 

It is the policy of Black Mountain Communications Company not to discriminate against any employee or any applicant for employment because of age, race, color, religion, handicap, disability, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, marital status, veteran status, or other characteristic as prohibited by law. 

This policy shall include, but not be limited to, the following: recruitment and employment, promotion, demotion, transfer, compensation, selection for training including apprenticeship, layoff and termination.

Corporate Mission Statement

We at Black Mountain Communications Company strive to be the first choice and trusted source for accurate news and information for the community. 

We will achieve this through intense focus and leadership in:

  • Serving the students through informative segments and customized programming and journalism to the students of our community.
  • Working with community businesses to ensure their success while funding our program ethically.

Corporate Core Values

  • The management of the program shall work with, encourage and educate the students of the program.
  • We will work hard, move fast and achieve our goals in a responsible manner.
  • We will act ethically in all we do as we keep in mind the reason we do what we do is for the viewers

Employment Classification

Every position in our organization falls into one of the following categories: 

Decision-Making Employees

The following positions are able to participate in changes to the program and may or may not be influential on day-to-day operations.

  • “Full-time student” – Refers to students who are formally enrolled in the Broadcast Journalism Program and are on good-standing with the company. 
  • “General Manager & Adviser” – Refers to the adult supervisor of the program, this is the person employed by the Clark County School District and has completed the necessary education to qualify for teaching. 
  • “Station Manager & Assistant Adviser” – Refers to adult supervisors of the program. This person is credentialed by the Clark County School District. This person must pass all background checks as provided by policy, regulation and law. 
  • “Administrative Member” – Refers to the school and/or district administration who are an ex officio member of Broadcast Journalism. Although they are ex officio, they retain the right to change the program at any time. 
  • “Emeritus General Manager & Adviser” – Refers to those adult supervisors who have previously taught in the respective program. These members may or may not be employed by the Clark County School District. If the emeritus GM is no longer employed, they must have left the district on good terms. 
  • “Emeritus Manager” – Refers to students who completed at least three levels of Broadcast Journalism, displayed exemplary performance and left the program in good standing.

Non-Decision-Making Participants

The following positions are consulted when needed.

  • “Non-enrolled student” – Refers to students who are not formally enrolled in the Broadcast Journalism Program but participate in activities.
  • “Community Member” – Refers to a community member who has become a sponsor and participant of the program.
  • “Emeritus Student” – Refers to students who completed at least three levels of Broadcast Journalism and left the program in good standing. 
  • “Special Counsel to the General Manager & Adviser” – Refers to individuals who are routinely contacted for counsel, advice and support.

Reporting to Work

All employees are expected to arrive promptly for work. However, the company recognizes that circumstances may occasionally arise that cause an employee to be late or absent for good cause. If an employee knows that they will be tardy or absent for any reason, the employee’s manager must be contacted by the employee as soon as possible and no later than the employee’s normal starting time. Consult your manager for the call-in procedures for your department.

Failure to follow the established procedures or absence or tardiness without good cause may result in disciplinary action.

Pay Periods

Black Mountain Communications Company is a non-profit agency that does not compensate its employees in monetary form. Students will receive high school, and college, credit toward a diploma, or degree, should all tasks be completed and the student exits the program in good standing. If there is an error in grade reporting, the employee must notify the General Manager immediately for correction. The student is responsible for providing any documentation to prove, without a doubt, a particular grade should be adjusted. 

Working Hours & Work Week

A normal workweek is based on a Monday through Friday schedule during your respective class period. Employees are expected to work on company business during their scheduled work time. 

There may be times when you will be asked to work outside of the normal work time. Please make yourself available during this time. If at any time you are scheduled to cover an event or activity outside of normal class time, your grades in the classes you miss must be a “C” or better. NO EXCEPTIONS. It is in your best interest to have the best grades possible during your education. 

Management may be expected to come to work during scheduled break time. For example, the managers are expected to work with the General Manager over the summer months to ensure an “open of school plan” is effectively developed.

Employee Appearance

Black Mountain Communications Company promotes a casual dress code. We expect employees to dress appropriately while at work and use their best judgment when it comes to their appearance at work. There may be occasions when employees will be asked to dress in traditional business attire in order to present the company in its best light. Employees will be notified of these days. Talk to your manager to learn about the standards for your group. 

It is important to remember that you represent the school community. It is against station policy to violate any school/district established dress code. Our newscast should set an example of how to dress. In the event you are scheduled to appear on-air and are dressed inappropriately, you may be pulled for the day and replaced. 

IN ALL INSTANCES, YOU ARE TO APPEAR IN BUSINESS CASUAL ATTIRE WHILE ON-AIR OR WHILE CONDUCTING INTERVIEWS. “STUDENT CASUAL ATTIRE” IS ONLY APPROPRIATE OFF THE AIR. The only allowable exception may be during special events (i.e. sporting events) and special programs (i.e. Holiday-specific shows). The News Director has final say on what is, and is not, appropriate for on-air.

Personnel Files

Black Mountain Communications Company provides employees with the right to review their company maintained files and request necessary explanations in grade reporting. Students are urged to frequently check grades on Infinite Campus. 

If you would like to review your file: 

Contact the general manager to schedule a date and time for the inspection. 

  • Files/records cannot be removed from the file, but Human Resources can provide you with copies.
  • A document can be removed/changed only if the General Manager, Station Manager and the employee mutually agree.
  • If an agreement cannot be reached, the employee may submit a written statement explaining their position on the disputed portion of the record to the General Manager. The employee’s statement shall be attached to the disputed document. 


Business Ethics

Black Mountain Communications Company values its reputation for integrity and requires all employees to conduct company business according to the highest ethical standards. This policy recognizes the company’s obligation to conform to the spirit and intent of the laws and regulations, which affect business operations. Because Black Mountain Communications Company takes ethics so seriously, we require all employees to read and abide by a Code of Ethics. 

However, there are several key aspects of the policy worth highlighting, including the following:

  • Employees must not accept or offer gifts or gratuities that have or appear to have an influence on business relationships.
  • Employees must clear financial or other involvement in outside ventures with the department manager to determine if a conflict of interest exists or if there is involvement with a competitor of the company.
  • Employees must not use company materials, equipment, vehicles or facilities for personal activities without getting permission from the general manager. Removal of company equipment and materials, including waste materials, is prohibited unless given written permission from the general manager. 

Any employee who believes a violation to ethical standards has occurred should contact the general manager. Please familiarize yourself with the full Code of Ethics policy.

Public Comments and Speaking on Behalf of the Company

Employees of Black Mountain Communications Company are not permitted to make public comment on the business operations of the company. Any questions from a person or organization should be referred to the General Manager and Adviser and a designee may be permitted to comment. 

Open Door Policy

Employees of Black Mountain Communications Company are not permitted to make public comment on the business operations of the company. Any questions from a person or organization should be referred to the General Manager and Adviser and a designee may be permitted to comment. 

Open Door Policy

Black Mountain Communications Company believes strongly in open communication between employees and managers. If an employee has a concern of any nature, they are encouraged to review the matter with their immediate supervisor. If the employee is uncomfortable discussing the matter with their supervisor, they are welcome to address the matter with their General Manager. 

Reporting Harassment in the Workplace

Any type of workplace violence committed by or against employees is not tolerated. Employees are prohibited from making threats or engaging in violent activities. Also, threats or violent activities are not tolerated from visitors, customers, vendors or other non-employees toward Black Mountain Communications Company employees. 

This list of behaviors, while not inclusive, provides examples of prohibited conduct.

  • Causing physical injury to another person;
  • Making threatening remarks;
  • Aggressive or hostile behavior that creates a reasonable fear of injury to another person or subjects another individual to emotional distress;
  • Intentionally damaging employer property or property of another employee;
  • Possession of a weapon or firearm while on company property or while on company business. Weapons and firearms are always prohibited on one’s person or vehicle while on CCSD property.
  • Committing an act motivated by, or related to, workplace harassment or domestic violence. 

Any employee determined to have committed threats, threatening conduct, or any other acts of aggression or violence in the workplace will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Non-employees engaged in violent acts on the employer’s premises will be reported to the proper authorities. The Clark County School District policies on bullying, intimidation, expulsion and permanent expulsion are included in the appendix. PLEASE REVIEW ALL POLICIES.

Reporting Procedures

Any potentially dangerous situation must be reported immediately to a manager or the General Manager. 

This includes employees witnessing other employees or non-employees who are exhibiting behavior, which could lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Such behavior includes: 

  • Discussing weapons or bringing them to work; 
  • Displaying overt signs of resentment, hostility, or anger; 
  • Making threatening remarks. 

All reported incidents will be investigated. Reports or incidents warranting confidentiality will be handled appropriately and information will be disclosed to others only on a need-to-know basis. The company will actively intervene at any indication of a possibly hostile or violent situation.

Safety & Employee Injury

Black Mountain Communications Company is committed to providing a safe working environment. Every employee at Black Mountain Communications Company must also take personal responsibility for safety. If an employee is injured on the job, they should contact the General Manager immediately to complete an injury report. The workplace sometimes extends beyond the office. Employees are expected to follow established safety polices and guidelines, as well as driving responsibly and avoiding unnecessary risks. Remember that unsafe actions not only endanger employees, but also put members of the public at risk of injury. Report any unsafe conditions, questionable or lack of clear procedures, or unsafe acts immediately to a manager 

Driving on Company Assignment

At times, you may need to transport yourself to a filming location. At ALL TIMES, it is the parent(s) responsibility for transportation. If permitted to drive yourself or others to locations, the following driving policies must be followed:

This list is not exhaustive.

  1. Seat belts are mandatory AT ALL TIMES.
  2. Place nothing on the dashboard
  3. Think about pedestrians at all times, whether they are in crosswalks or not
  4. Beware of all interactions, turns, following distance, etc.
  5. Before operating a vehicle:
    1. Signal when required
    2. Check mirrors
    3. Check tires
    4. Check maintenance
  6. All state laws to driving will be followed at all times


All employees have a responsibility not to disclose and to protect the privacy of confidential business information. Additionally, since disclosure of some of this information could harm the company or customers, employees are expected to maintain the confidentiality of information or other proprietary materials. 

Copyright Compliance

Black Mountain Communications Company recognizes and respects intellectual property rights and we are committed to respecting the rights of third parties. Please review the full Copyright Compliance Policy. If you create projects while on company time and with company equipment, the company owns the copyright for your work. Before you share, distribute or create projects for clients, or enter contests,check with your General Manager for copyright transfer.

Drug Free Workplace

Substance abuse in the workplace can cause accidents and injuries, adversely affect productivity and morale, contribute to excessive absenteeism and tardiness and endanger the safety of fellow employees or the general public. 

Black Mountain Communications Company enthusiastically supports the drug-free workplace concept. All employees are required to abstain from any use of illegal drugs or alcohol in the workplace. The use of drugs at any time may prevent you from participating in company activities. 

If an employee possesses such substances for the purpose of using, selling or otherwise trafficking, the employee will be referred to the Dean of Students and/or Clark County School District Police

Tobacco Use

For the health and safety of all  employees and the campus community, all Clark County School District campuses, buildings and vehicles are smoke-free.


If you are driving on company time, your automobile is an extension of the office. Therefore, all policies follow you.

Morals Infractions

Criminal Infraction

Because of our relationship with policing agencies in our community, any activity which results in the participation of a policing agency (including hall monitors, deans, administrators, Henderson/Las Vegas Metropolitan/Boulder City Police Departments, any police agency in the respective community of which we are operating)

Morals Infraction

Any activity which would bring an employee into public disrepute, contempt, scandal, ridicule, or which might tend to reflect unfavorably on the Network, any sponsor of Network, any such sponsor’s respective agency, any stations broadcasting or scheduled to broadcast a program, or any licensee of the Network, or to injure the success of any use of the Series or any program 

Personal Leave, Sick Leave, Absences

Employees are, understandably, going to miss work due to illness. You must contact your manager or general manager as soon as you know you are going to miss work. People count on you to do your part for newscasts and story development. 

If you are in possession of company property (i.e. camera, SD cards, etc.) you are required to get it to work so the program does not suffer from your illness. Understandably, emergencies arise and this may not always be practical, however, make a honest effort to return company equipment. 

Excessive absences will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

  • Employees are afforded one (1) personal (sick) day call per month of work.
  • This time off may be used for sick calls or to extend a vacation.
  • Employees are afforded one (1) vacation day per month of work.
  • This time off may be used for any personal reason. 

Employees whom call-in sick and are out of leave will not receive compensation for the day.

Company Equipment & Systems

Black Mountain Communications Company provides information system resources to enable employees to perform their work responsibilities. Policies regarding computer use, e-mail and internet use, and right to privacy have been established. Each employee is required to review these policies and adhere to them. Adhering to these policies protects company resources, allows the systems to run efficiently which in turn allows employees to carry out their job responsibilities. 

The following is an overview of some of the key topics related to information systems. 


The following is a non-exhaustive list of company maintained systems:

  • Google Apps for Education
    • Gmail
    • Google Drive
    • YouTube
  • Rundown Creator
  • Native Network Access to Files
  • ISM Films (Sneak on the Lot)
  • Lynda.com 
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Adobe Acrobat is a software family dedicated to Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Acrobat Standard, Adobe Acrobat Professional, and Adobe Acrobat Professional Extended all allow for the creation of PDF files. Adobe Reader is an application that allows the reading of PDF files.[citation needed]
    • Adobe After Effects is a digital motion graphics and compositing software published by Adobe Systems. It is often used in film and video post-production.
    • Adobe Animate is a vector animation software used to design interactive animations with drawing tools to publish them on multiple platforms like Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR, HTML5canvas, WebGL. It is the successor to Adobe Flash Professional and also includes features of Adobe Edge, which is discontinued.
    • Adobe Flash Builder, formerly Adobe Flex Builder, is an integrated development environment (IDE) built on the Eclipse platform meant for developing rich Internet applications (RIAs) and cross-platform desktop applications for the Adobe Flash platform.
    • Adobe Scout, a profiling tool for Flash SWF files.
    • Adobe Audition is a digital audio editor that provides the modern interface and workflow of Adobe Soundbooth with the capabilities of Audition.
    • Adobe Bridge is an organizational program. Its primary purpose is to link the parts of the Creative Suite together using a format similar to the file browser found in previous versions of Adobe Photoshop.
    • Adobe Dreamweaver is a combination code / GUI web development application.
    • Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and illustration software.
    • Adobe InCopy is a word processor application.
    • Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing application.
    • Adobe Dimension (formerly Project Felix) is a simplified application to create and render three-dimensional images.
    • Adobe Muse is a web development program that emphasizes webpage building for designers without a focus of writing code.
    • Adobe Photoshop is a raster-graphics editor (with significant vector graphics functionality).
    • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a photo processor and image organizer.
    • Adobe Premiere Pro is a real-time, timeline-based video editing software application. Its related applications are:
    • Adobe Media Encoder, a tool to output video files.
    • Adobe Prelude, a tool for importing (ingesting), reviewing, and logging tapeless media.
    • Adobe SpeedGrade, a tool for performing color corrections and developing looks for Premiere projects.
    • Behance is an online social-media based portfolio service for creative professionals.
    • Adobe Portfolio is an online social-media based website editor which helps creative professionals to create and manage their own personalized websites to showcase their creative work.[15]
    • Adobe Story Plus is a screenwriting and film/TV pre-production online application which integrates with the Premiere Pro family.
    • Fonts from the Typekit family are available for licensing to members.
    • Adobe Spark is a family of free visual storytelling tools including Adobe Spark Video, Adobe Spark Page, and Adobe Spark Post.[16]
    • Web hosting and cloud-based file hosting storage space and service.
    • Adobe Capture CC turn an image into a color theme, pattern, unique brush. The features of different apps like Adobe Color CC, Shape CC, Brush CC and Hue CC are combined in this.
    • Adobe Illustrator Draw is a vector drawing app.
    • Adobe Photoshop Sketch is an expressive drawing app.
    • Adobe Comp CC is a software for layout and design creation.
    • Adobe Preview CC is an app for previewing mobile designs.
    • Adobe Premiere Clip is a timeline based video editing software on mobile platform.
    • Photography and Image editing apps
      • Adobe Lightroom Mobile is an image editor that resembles Adobe Photoshop Lightroom on desktop.
      • Adobe Photoshop Mix is a layer-based raster image editor.
      • Adobe Photoshop Fix is a restoration and retouching software for image color correction.

Google Apps for Education

Every employee will be issued a Google Account. Gmail is the application CCSD uses for electronic mail. You will have an individual email address and have access to company resources. Abusing this resource will result in removal from the network as well as any applicable disciplinary actions from school administration. 

You are required to check your email frequently as this will be the primary method of business communication. Gmail is available on your home computer, iPad, iPhone or Android Device. 

The Clark County School District has established a policy regarding personal e-mail. No member of our campus community should access personal electronic mail accounts. 

Internet filtering has been established to protect the CCSD network and should not be circumvented.

Computer Use

Acceptable Uses

  • Activities specifically related to the employee’s job functions.
  • Activities related to the employee’s training, development and education. 
  • Completing other school work assignments (with GM permission and when not on company time)

Unacceptable Uses

  • Extensive use for personal business.
  • Use for any profit-generating business activity not related to Black Mountain Communications Company. 
  • Implementing any hardware or software mechanism that potentially impedes normal access to any CCSD-owned computer or application. 
  • Circumventing established security systems procedures or policies.

Internet Use

The Internet’s extremely vast, unrestricted content requires the business user to use sound judgment and common sense to fully realize its benefits. Black Mountain Communications Company expects all employees to use the Internet in a responsible and professional manner. Internet access is a privilege, not a right. It is provided as a tool for business use and should be treated as such. 

Black Mountain Communications Company uses independently supplied software and data to identify inappropriate, sexually explicit, or recreational sites. Technology Services may block access to these sites from within our networks as directed by officers of the Clark County School District. If employees find themselves connected, accidentally or otherwise, to a site that contains inappropriate material, they must disconnect from that site immediately, regardless of whether that site had been previously deemed acceptable by any screening or rating program.

Acceptable Uses

  • Uses that support the mission of the organization.
  • Performing job responsibilities.
  • Enhancing service and product quality.
  • Performing research for the benefit of the employees and for the organization.
  • Collaboration and exchange of ideas and information with professionals in their respective fields.
  • Personal use during personal time that is reasonable in terms of duration and bandwidth and is in compliance with the terms of this policy.

Unacceptable Uses

  • Users must not seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to other users, or misrepresent other users on the network.
  • Disclosing confidential information of the company or a client.
  • Posting of proprietary company information to any public web site, chat room or news group.
  • Reproduction or other use of copyrighted material retrieved from the Internet. Not all information on the Internet is public domain and may be subject to the same copyright laws as print, electronic media and intellectual material.
  • Use of the network to access inappropriate data, proprietary information, or files dangerous to the integrity of the local area network.
  • Use of the network in such a way that would disrupt the use of the network by others
  • Connection of company-owned computers to any external network in such a way that it circumvents the access controls put in place by the Clark County School District.

Company Right to Inspection

Black Mountain Communications Company and its designated agents retain the right to inspect any computer file on any computer system owned by CCSD or any system used to access Network resources (this includes your personal device if connected to CCSD’s WiFi Network.) This specifically includes all forms of electronic communication such as electronic mail. If evidence of illegal activity or activity not in accordance with this policy is obtained, Black Mountain Communications Company reserves the right to take appropriate action against the employee, including dismissal and/or notification of the presiding authorities. Users should not have the expectation of privacy as to any material stored in any electronic files or on the Internet or with respect to use of any such media. By using CCSD systems, you acknowledge CCSD’s right to review, audit, interrupt, access, disclose and monitor your use without any notification at any time. 

Systems Security

Clark County School District User Support Services is responsible for ensuring that only authorized users of systems have access to relevant information, software, or network components. 

Employees should regard security responsibilities as shared and should use sound judgment and common sense to ensure that company data and systems are protected. 

All security related questions or concerns should be directed to the general manager

Software Licensing

Black Mountain Communications Company supports and enforces copyright laws governing the right to produce, create derivative works, sell, distribute, and display work covered by copyrights. Software developed outside the company and covered by copyright is included and the copyright law will be enforced by Technology Services. CCSD & Black Mountain Communications Company purchases or develops all software used in the company and is the owner and license-holder of that software. It is both Black Mountain Communications Company policy and the law that all software used on company equipment complies with the software licenses from the software manufacturer. To that end, Technology Services reserves the right to monitor where software is used and remove unapproved and/or unlicensed software without the user’s consent. Please refer to the Copyright Compliance Policy and Guidelines for additional copyright compliance information. 

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