Equipment & Facility Agreement

General Policies

  1. A current student ID is required for use of facility and equipment.
  2. School equipment is not to be used for paying jobs.
  3. Only students enrolled in Video Production Courses are permitted to use equipment or facility. Site-specific courses may be permitted. Check with your General Manager. Guests are only permitted if they are actively working on projects with the employee in our company.
  4. Employees are not permitted to use the facility unless the General Manager is present.
  5. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that any equipment, tools, set pieces, chairs, and anything else is properly stored and cleaned.
  6. This program is NOT responsible for theft or damage of personal items and/or assignments left on the computers.
  7. All facilities must be returned to a “ready” state, which means it must be ready for use or ready for a newscast.

Off-Campus Equipment Use

  1. All equipment is rented on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. All equipment checked out becomes the responsibility of the individual whom checked out.
    1. Any equipment failures or malfunctions must be identified and notification given to ENG Specialist prior to departing.
    2. Students will be required to pay for any negligently damaged equipment.
    3. Failure to return an item on-time may result in loss of equipment check-out.
    4. Any equipment not returned at the end of a school year, during withdraw or from uncooperative students may be reported to police as theft.

Newsroom Facility

  1. The newsroom is generally opened from a set time. Check with your supervisor for site-specific times.
  2. Please use headphones, earbuds or earpods during editing. (It is your responsibility, however, to disconnect Bluetooth audio devices.
  3. The computers are ready for your use. DO NOT adjust settings. If you must adjust settings, seek approval from your General Manager.
  4. The company is not responsible for assignments that are tampered with.