GVHS Tardy Policies

To help facilitate student success in the classroom, we expect all students to show up to ALL classes on time. Walking into class late is disruptive to instruction for students and teachers alike. As a reminder, we will continue to enforce the GVHS Tardy policy for the remainder of the school year. 

1st – 2nd Tardy = Warning / Parentlink notification
3rd – 4th Tardy = Detention / Parentlink notification
5th Tardy = Detention / Parentlink notification/ Tardy Contract
6th Tardy = Habitual Tardies / Parentlink Notification / 1-day IHS
7th Tardy = Habitual Tardies / Parentlink Notification / 2-day IHS
8th Tardy = Class Disruption / Request for Parent Conference (RPC)*
9th or more Tardy = Insubordination / Parentlink Notification / 10-day Gator Academy
Parents must sign in students in at the student success office in order to get excused for 1/2 period tardy

Lunch Detentions are EVERYDAY in the Student Success Office/ After School Detentions are EVERYDAY in Portable 4 Parent must sign

-Detentions are to be served within three school days-RPC for Class Disruption: Habitual tardies are disruptive to the learning environment. In an effort to protect the instructional minutes for all classes, students who are habitually tardy will be placed on RPC for Class Disruption
-If any of the above consequences are missed, student is subject to a Required Parent Conference for Insubordination
-Number of tardies starts over each quarter