U.S Congressional Campaign Internship

Are you looking for an internship?

HENDERSON NEV. (GVTV NEWS)- We all know internships can be hard to obtain, but Morgan Sholty is making it easy for you! Morgan Sholty is a candidate running for US congress in congressional district one. His campaign currently offers internships to local high school students. Learn about the political process of campaigns and gain access to participate in the youth leadership school.

The Internship lasts March-November

The internship will have two tiers: paid and unpaid. Students will learn the political process of campaigns and will receive a letter of recommendation from the candidate. Students that exceed expectations and exhibit excellence in their work will receive a Certificate of Achievement. All interns that join the program will get access to participate in the Youth Leadership School that comes to Vegas every year. We understand that school responsibilities come first so students will be able to work around their school commitments. The internship will not be overly demanding of the students’ time.  
Morgan Sholty believes in the importance of young people becoming engaged early in the political process in order to better understand the important issues facing our country and the state of Nevada. This internship will provide an opportunity to advance the students’ academic and career paths.

If you have any questions contact: 702-283-9088  or email them at: email:atarkanian@morgunsholty.com