GVHS Open House

You’re invited to the greatest house party of the year!

HENDERSON NEV. (GVTV NEWS)- Green Valley High School would like to welcome you to its 32nd annual Open House on August 17th, 2022 at 5:45 p.m.

Please report to the gym when you arrive on campus.

Here is the schedule for the open house:

Gym 5:45-6:00
Period 1 6:05-6:13
Period 2 6:18-6:26
Period 3 6:31-6:39
Period 4 6:44-6:52
Period 5 6:57-7:05
Period 6 7:10-7:18
Period 7 7:23-7:31
Period 8 7:36-7:44

*Please note that all Tech Center (T) classes and counselors will meet in the GVHS