HOPE Squad – HOPE Week

Green Valley HS is excited to be a HOPE Squad School! We will be celebrating our 2nd Annual HOPE Week from 4/22/24-4/26/24. HOPE Squad is a group of students who are nominated by themselves or peers who work closely with the SEL school counselor. They are trained on how to look for warning signs in their peers and provide support by being a listening ear. The goal is to try to talk their peers into speaking with a trusted adult. The program reduces youth suicide through education, training, and peer intervention.

The GVHS HOPE Squad will be doing weekly activities during both lunches to spread the word about suicide prevention. If you would like to know more information on HOPE Squad, please contact school counselor, Kanesha Matlock. Their weekly activities include:

Monday– Spread Hope Day: Positive Clothespin Exchange, HOPE Family Feud- Part 1 (in the cafeteria on the stage)

Tuesday– Shred Your Stress Day: Write Out Your Stressors and Shred Them Away, HOPE Family Feud- Part 2 (in the cafeteria on the stage)

Wednesday– Brighten Someone’s Day: HOPE Squad Giveaway & Ribbon Distribution to Promote Suicide Awareness

Thursday– Canvas and Rock Painting: Create Something to Promote Suicide Awareness or In Memory of Someone