Spring College Visits

Many different college’s are coming to visit soon. If you would like to attend one of the college visits please fill out using this link here. All college visits happen in room 200.
The ASVAB test for the spring is on February 29.  Use the same form to sign up for the ASVAB.

2/13/24: UNLV–Financial Aid (SENIORS ONLY) @ 8:30AM

2/20/24: CSN–Promise Scholarship (SENIORS ONLY) @ 8:30AM

2/24/24: Welding School of Nevada @ 8:30AM

3/26/24: CSN @ 8:45AM

3/27/24: UNLV–Next Steps (SENIORS ONLY) @ 8:30AM

4/2/24: UNLV–Future Planning (JUNIORS ONLY) @ 8:30AM

4/9/24: Milan Institute of Healthcare and Beauty @8:30AM

4/18/24: L Makeup Institute @8:30AM

4/23/24: CSN @ 8:45AM

Link to sign up for April visits: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdzQyKNS6KxQ35V4b-N3wsCIrMC7SKYniGo1nNZ1SdcZQFWmQ/viewform?fbclid=PAAaa-oRNQw21qWGbmikfYYmzSQ_iiuNFiZPjs_DLRFO6YXUYCtC3HXi4Rh6g_aem_Ad8mwa3tqiCUonLegAHZq5YEu0z00XDbwj0zkKy2rL361X-RY0QzCAqGw8PAzXRTyPo&pli=1