Sadies Spirit Week

Sadies is upon us!

HENDERSON, NEV. (GVTV NEWS)- Student council will be having a spirit week for Sadies the week of February 14th-18th!

The theme is “Retro Romance”, and includes fun lunchtime activities and soda grams to send to your crush!

Here are the dress-up days!

  • Monday: 2/14 “Stoplight Day” Wear green if you’re single, red if you’re taken, and yellow if it’s complicated!
  • Tuesday: 2/15 “That’s My Type” Dress as your type! (inspired by TikTok!)
  • Wednesday: 2/16 “Without You, My World is Grey” Wear Black and White!
  • Thursday: 2/17 “I’d Run a Mile for You” Athletic Wear Day!
  • Friday: 2/18 “Dreaming of You” Pajama Day!