Create your FREE Yearbook Message

Make your memory permanent in the 2020-2021 Yearbook. Remember, creating and ad costs nothing! Buy your yearbook today.

How to Create your Message

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Sign in,” then click “Register

3. The website should automatically log you in. If it doesn’t go to “Sign in” and log in.

4. Now, click on “Shop Products at my School/Group”

5. Search for “East Career” and select our school in Las Vegas, NV

6. Now click “Business Ads”

6. When the website asks for a business name, this is where you type YOUR name.

7. Click on 1/8 Page Color — it should have a zero dollar amount.

8. Select which design you want to use.

9. Now you are in the ad designer. Here you can change the fonts, and change what you want to write.

10. The blue box is for a photo. You can upload a photo using the “Images” menu on the left.

11. To add the image you upload, drag it to the blue box. Make sure your photo is good quality so it’s printed properly. The website will give you an error if the image is too small. (Remember, this is a permanent book in our school’s history, so make sure it’s appropriate and follows dress code requirements.) If you use an image of friends or family, you must seek their permission to use it. East Tech is not responsible for the images you upload.

12. You can save your design and come back to it later. If you need help, click the question mark.

Are you done? Everything looks great?

  1. When you are done, click “Preview & Buy.” Remember, you won’t be buying your ad. It’s free. We’ve covered the cost through our school. 🙂

2. Make sure you run spell check, just to be safe.

3. Once your spell check is complete, click “Preview & Buy” again. Then read and indicate the statement. Then click purchase ad.

4. Read the next page carefully, you can order a copy of your advertisement, but we can’t cover that. That will cost you $12. This is totally completely optional.

5. On the order page, make sure the total is ZERO. Nothing. Nada. Again, when you create your ad, East Tech is paying for that. Click Checkout. (If you purchased the $12 item, you will have a balance.)

6. Enter your contact information. Be sure to use your real information in case we need to get in contact. Then click continue.

7. One last check, verify your order and make sure it looks perfect. Now, click “Submit Order.” And…you’re done!